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By gfackre on 6/19/2008 9:27 AM

The Pentecostal birth of the church can be understood as the coming to be of the Christian community of Hope. The indicators of its presence are the four signs of the Holy Spirit given in Acts 2-4--kerygma, leitourgia, diakonia, koinonia in both their inreach and outreach. Worth considering are their relation to the four creedal attributes of the church--apostolicity, catholicity, sanctity and unity. Read More »

By gfackre on 6/9/2008 8:39 AM

At the center of the Story, is the incarnation of Hope. That Word became flesh and lived among us- as example, teacher, healer. And more, dying for us, rising and ascending to rule the world, a reign seen by the eyes of faith. Here we have in our history "this hope, sure and steadfast anchor" Read More »

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