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By Richard L. Floyd on 10/14/2008 2:13 PM

In the Confessing Christ list-serv conversation (see Discuss tab above) there has been a rich conversation about the relationship between Word and Sacrament in Christian worship. Herb Davis invoked the name of the great British preacher and theologian P. T. Forsyth (1848-1921), whose understanding of these matters contradicts the common view that those in the Congregationalist tradition cannot have a high doctrine of Word and Sacrament. I will share some excerpts from his book The Church and the Sacraments. Read More »

By gfackre on 10/6/2008 7:37 PM

“He will come again to judge the living and the dead.” The Apostles’ Creed links “the return of Christ” and “the final judgment,” a conjunction with far-reaching implications. We treat these two stained glass windows portraying two “Last Things” in their creedal unity.

As noted earlier, the when, where and how of the matter are not the core theological assertions of the Great Story we are tracing, although some commentary has treated them as such with intricate speculative scenarios, premillennial and postmillennial, pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib and the like with their timetables, maps and charts. The Storyline we are following has to do, rather, with the “that” and “what” of the End and its aspects.

That there shall be a coming again? Yes. The End of the Story will entail, as the creed says, our meeting with Jesus Christ in the transfigured world promised by the Storytelling Spirit. The “again” is usually interpreted as the “second coming” of C ...
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