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Jul 5

Written by: gfackre
7/5/2009 7:26 AM

James Luther Adams taught a generation of his students that what we hold to be true eschatologically will be what we work for ethically. In this case it means that a passionate ecological ethic rises out of a conviction that God will bring a nature renewed.


Miroslav Volf summarizes the comprehensive Christian belief in life everlasting we have been describing in this way" "the final reconciliation of 'all things,' grounded in the work of Christ the reconciler and accomplished by the Spirit of communion, is the process by which the whole creation along with human beings will be freed from transience and sin to reach the state of eternal peace and joy in the communion with the triune God." [Miroslav Volf, "Enter Into Joy! Sin, Death and the World to Come," in THE END OF THE WORLD AND THE ENDS OF GOD: SCIENCE AND THEOLOGY ON ESCHATOLOGY, ed. John pOlkinghorne and Michael Welker (Harrisburg, PA: Trinity International Press, 2000), P. 278.]

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Re: Eschatology, Ethics and Summary Comment

Hi, Gabe, I just ordered the book edited by Polkinghorne and Welker that you cited here. I am getting back to reading your blog entries, and I find them very interesting. Thank you! Jane

By Jane Ellingwood on   7/17/2009 10:52 AM

Re: Eschatology, Ethics and Summary Comment

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Re: Eschatology, Ethics and Summary Comment

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